It all started on a 20km² small island called Koh Tao. The island itself used to be the secret top spot for relaxed backpackers with ideal conditions for scuba diving in the Gulf of Thailand. The word spread quickly and more tourists came, more bungalows and way more dive shops opened up and the dive community on the island grew and grew. Now with about 40 to 50 different dive shops it is THE hot spot to learn scuba diving, with no other place on earth certifying more new divers each year.

With all those dive shops came more jobs and more “professional” diver which chose to stay to life & work on this once secret hideout. The more people you put together on one spot having the same hobby, passion and job – the more opinions start to differ – forming separate groups and cliques out of the ones big and united group of dive bums. Beside the job what everyone on the island had in common was the scooter or motorbike. When the TV-Series “Sons of Anarchy” (US TV series about a fictive motorcycle club) came out everyone got hooked. Everyone was talking about it! Jokes and bar talk about forming a chapter of “Sons of Anarchy – KOH TAO” and wearing the same board shorts or wetsuits became a running gag. Until through all these jokes – slowly an idea was formed.

It wasn´t about the tv-series, the motorbike or the job, it was more about separating oneself from the mass of “divers” and being a group of true like-minded divers with the same interests and point of view. “Sons of the Sea – KOH TAO” was born and T-Shirts printed. Trips were made together and new friends found. More divers got interested in the “Sons of the Sea”, loved the shirt and wanted to join “the club”. The group grew quickly!

When these new made friends left the island, ether to go back home or to start a job at a different location, the shirt and with it the idea of the club started to spread out through the world. Still loyal to the club and the friends within, but not locally connected to any chapter the members are called NOMADS.

After a founding member of the KOH TAO chapter left the island to take a new job in the Solomon Islands it was only a matter of time until there as well like-minded divers and friends were found and grouped together to form a new chapter of the club the “Sons of the Sea – GUADALCANAL”.

The Club “Sons of the Sea” kept growing ever since. Country chapters such as “SIAM” and “SOLOMON ISLANDS” were formed and new chapters in Thailand and in the Maldives are waiting for approval.